The Blue Moon Boys

Most people out there today think Elvis Presley, the rock legend of the 50's, is dead.

Those people haven't met Calvin Bratcher.  

For weeks, Cal has been drilling Elvis songs in drummer Leo Nerbak's basement, along with guitarist Jeremy Gardiner and basset Eden Forbes

And today, the day of the BHS talent show, was what all of this was in preparation for. It was time to dawn the jackets and grease the hair. It was showtime. 

Eden, who has particularly thick hair, getting his hair wrangled by Calvin

Calvin, future barber, works his magic.

Putting on the finishing touches

Now it's Leo's turn

Now it's Leo's turn

Last minute jam sesh before we load the gear

Taking care of buisness

No music group is complete without a couple of boyband shots

The jacket Cal's wearing is actually an exact replica of one of Elvis'. It was sold to him by an Elvis impersonator, and the jewels are authentic, straight from Austria. 

Calvin Bratcher has left the building

Keeping the boys calm with a quick backstage photoshoot


The crowd was ecstatic. By the time the first song ended, everybody in the auditorium was on their feed demanding an encore. The Blue Moon Boys delivered, like they always do.

Of course, they won. We head off to Al's with our prize candy in hand to celebrate.

The boys relax after an exhausting performance

Too much milkshake

The Burlington Mafia

Naturally, we head to the nearest record store to pick up the newest Elvis vinyl.

Albums of choice

As you can see, Elvis lives on. Maybe not literally, but at least in the soul of Burlington's own Blue Moon Boys.